Flintneck - The Archer - Part 3

Shortly after his battle with Wedgeword the giant, our hero hears the unnerving twang of a bow string, before an arrow whistles past his ear.

He instinctively raises his shield as a volley of arrows is unleashed from the bushes at the side of the trail.

This is the work of the villainous Flintneck, the infamous Archer of Anchor Text Repetition.

Though fired with impressive accuracy, they do not manage to breach the Knight's trusty shield.

If Flintneck had mixed up his quiver with a percentage of barbed armour piercing arrowheads rather than using the same old wooden tipped arrows, our protagonist's quest would have ended prematurely.

Thankfully Flintneck's quiver is soon depleted and it is now time for our protagonist to take the offensive.

A loud battle cry and sudden charge from our hero sends the swift footed but cowardly archer running for the hills.

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Flintneck the Archer

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